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  • Joshua - Ohio

    I am a classic shaver: vintage single blade double edge razor and puck shaving soaps or old fashioned creams. I originally purchased Barbasol because it was the only one that had a travel size and I was going on vacation. After that, I never gave it much thought. Until, I was running late for work and desperately needed to shave. I looked around and found this can. With no regard to my skin's safety, I shaved about as quick as I could. To my surprise, I didn't nick myself, the shave was super close, my skin wasn't dried out, and the results lasted all day. This product is now going to be my "go to" weapon in the war on facial hair. You made a believer out of me!

  • Barron - Texas

    I have been using Barbasol for quite a few years as I think it is a great value and performs very well for my shaving needs. I wanted to write to pass on my kudos to whomever decided to switch to an aluminum bottom. No more worries about a rusty bottom to stain the shower or sink! Thanks for a great product and welcome change to the container.

  • Caleb - Illinois

    I absolutely love your products and feel good about buying them to support such a great company! Keep doing what you're doing! American made and Family owned!

  • Matt - Georgia

    Shaving is something of a zen experience for me. I've tried several brands of shaving cream, including expensive imported creams. Because of Barbasol, those expensive creams are gathering dust. I blame you for that. Just recently read the mission statement and I'm even more proud to use an American made product!

  • Rory - Michigan

    I've been using shaving gel all my life, but recently turned to Barbasol shaving cream when money got tight. The difference in overall value of product to cost ratio is insane. Barbasol is nice, thick stuff and it feels like the cans will never run out. On top of this, I've noticed closer, easier shaves with less irritation than before. Thank you Barbasol.

  • Edgar - Texas

    I've been loyal to shave gels but saw your product at my local Kroger. Saw that it was American-made plainly on the can and decided to try it. Glad I did. Thank you for this! No more gel!

  • Steve - Colorado

    Started using in boot camp 1980. It's good enough for the Marines, it's good enough for everybody!